AAP MP Raghav Chadha slams union government for Parliament’s censor order


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Says it is extremely disappointing that a gag order was issued on parliamentarians

PM Modi-led union government is fearful of the truth, the ban was uncalled for: MP Chadha

Chandigarh, July 14:

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) senior leader and Rajya Sabha MP on Thursday launched a scathing attack on the ruling BJP government at the Centre, for the gag order on usage of certain words in Parliament and said that the ban is “uncalled for and aimed at gagging the voice of the opposition.”

Condemning the decision for banning many words under the guise of listing them as “unparliamentary” in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, MP Raghav Chadha said that it’s heartening to learn that the government is well aware of the adjectives that aptly and accurately describe its performance. It is extremely disappointing that a gag order has been issued on parliamentarians & all those words that the opposition uses to criticise the government.

He said that it is shocking that the government is trying to suppress the voice of opposition ahead of the parliament session as the Lok Sabha secretariat has released a list banning many words like Jumlajeevi’, ‘baal buddhi’, ‘Covid spreader’ and ‘Snoopgate’, ‘ashamed’, ‘abused, ‘betrayed’, ‘corrupt’, ‘drama’, ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘incompetent’ ‘nautanki’, ‘khoon se kheti’, ‘taanashah’ and many other words terming them as being unfit for parliament.

Chadha said that it clearly shows that the PM Narendra Modi-led union government is fearful of the truth. The government banned the word ‘Jumlajeevi’ and others so that the BJP government would not have to face embarrassment as it has been befooling the citizens of the country rather than actually working for their welfare.

The Rajya Sabha MP said that the BJP government was attacking the fundamental right of the freedom of speech in a democratic country like India by banning such words in the parliament.

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