TaCa Healthcare surgery center starts its operations in Jabalpur to provide short-stay elective surgeries, making them affordable for the huge population of this city


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Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh); 07.06.2022: Dr. D U Pathak MS FACRS, a senior General and Ano-rectal Surgeon, has joined TaCa Healthcare as the Regional Medical Director, Jabalpur (M.P).With over 40 years of experience, a well-known Anorectal Surgeon in India and abroad, he is globally acclaimed for his innovative surgical technique called ‘SLOFT’ for anal fistula. He is an expert in laser treatment of piles, fissures, and fistula in ano. He was former Vice President of ACRSI (Association of Colon and Rectal Surgeons of India).TaCa Healthcare aims for the surgeries which include laparoscopic removal of gallbladder and appendix, Lap and open hernia repairs, breast and other lumps, Laser surgery for piles, fissures and fistula in ano, to name a few. Most of these elective surgeries give time to plan. But non-affordability or non-availability can lead to life-threatening situations. ‘TaCa Healthcare aims to help out and provide necessary surgical care at the patient’s door step’ – says Dr. Pathak.

Explaining about the motive of the company, Dr Amitoj Singh, CEO, TaCa Healthcare says, “We are a patient caring, surgeon-driven company. We will ensure the necessary surgery to be done without any delay. At the same time, no patient will be deprived of surgery due to the cost factor. We are confident that the patients in the region will now have access to safe and quality surgical care that will ensure a shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery.”

About TaCa Healthcare: TaCa Healthcare with origin from UAE aims to provide total surgical care to the patients-right from the consultation till his full recovery. It offers a range of short-stay elective surgeries.Mr Bidhan Chowdhury, our young and dynamic founder of the company is well known for his innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions in South East Asia, UAE and Middle East.The company has some of India’s renowned surgeons and healthcare experts on board. It is currently operating in Delhi, U.P, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh & Andhra Pradesh with expansion plans to reach out further 40-45  cities by the end of this year.                                                                                 For any query: Write to Gunjan Sharma at [email protected] or call Manish Sharma at 9999288557

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