“No Prasad can give you that happiness which the Langer of the Golden Temple gives – Jyoti Saxena


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“Visiting the Golden Temple made me feel alive”says actress Jyoti Saxena on her recent visit to Amritsar

Jyoti SexsenaWhile most Bollywood actresses are considered having westernized thoughts, ways, and lifestyles, there are some new-age celebrities who are still very much in touch with their Indian roots and traditions as they are ardent believers and often turn to God’s solace for seeking darshan and blessings. In all of it is our talented actress Jyoti Saxena, who is very connected to the spiritual side even in the upscale Bollywood industry.

Jyoti Saxena has always been an ardent of Baba Ji and had recently visited the Golden Temple to seek blessings. The actress shared a glimpse of her visit to the Golden Temple as she took the blessings.

On being felicitated by the Head of the Temple and being presented with a momento as a token of appreciation ,Jyoti felt absolutely elated and joyful .Sharing her thoughts on the visit to the temple, Jyoti exclaimed, “Post pandemic, we always had a plan to visit the Golden Temple with family, but due to various unscheduled things coming up, we were unable to. But this month we took it on us to visit and the plan took shape in the shortest of time. I can still feel the moment when I stepped into the temple and the energy made me feel very alive . The feelings are beyond words, something I can’t express. It was a sight that my eyes wanted to absorb and retain to the longest of times. The positivity and vibes that the temple showers on us are every bit a lifetime experience. I feel reconnected to my soul all over again and the Langar Prasad is my strong recommendation to all visiting here. I observed devotees enjoying the langer to the fullest. No Prasad can give you that happiness which the Langer of the Golden Temple gives The chant of “Waheguru” filled the air to the highest level of feeling divine.


The main motto for the actress visit was to take blessings for her upcoming movie, for which she shall be heading out to Dubai soon for the shoot. The actress is putting in a lot of efforts to get into the skin of the character , as she shall be performing high-octane action sequences in the film. Apart from that Jyoti Saxena is working on several intriguing projects that will be unveiled shortly.

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