Bangalore Creative Circus to Echo with “Home SOS: Sounds of Sustainability”


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Bangalore, 14th December 2023 — The stage is set at the Bangalore Creative Circus as award-winning musician and environmental advocate Sushma Soma unveils “Home SOS: Sounds of Sustainability” on 20th January 2024. As an immersive and thought-provoking performance, “Home SOS” goes beyond just a musical experience. It is a powerful call to action for saving our ‘home’, our planet, through simple shifts in conscious, earth-friendly choices and enhanced empathy for nature, wildlife, and the environment. Led by Sushma Soma, “Home SOS” will feature a live production crafted in collaboration with multi-percussionist and music producer Praveen Sparsh, and Bharatanatyam choreographer and dancer Mythili Prakash.
Sushma Soma’s vision for “Home SOS” is rooted in her critically acclaimed album, HOME, an exploration of gratitude, love for the planet, and a stark call to action. Created with American composer and musician Aditya Prakash, HOME the album, received critical acclaim and has been reviewed as “One of the finest albums about environment and wildlife”. Tracks from HOME are also featured in BBC Radio, Songlines Magazine, RollingStone India and NHK Japan. The editor-in-chief of Songlines, Simon Broughton, also called HOME a ‘powerful statement about what we are doing to our planet and our environment’ and recognised her as an ‘Earthshaker’. The album premiered Live in Singapore in 2 sold-out shows at the prestigious Esplanade Theatres by the Bay as part of the SIFAS Festival of Arts in April 2023. The track ‘Grief’ from the album was selected by Anoushka Shankar for the Queens Playlist on BBC radio.
And now, Sushma is all set to bring “Home SOS: Sounds of Sustainability” as an extension of the album, to India, with the first show scheduled for January 20th, 2024 at the Bangalore Creative Circus. The launch has been made possible through collective support from brands and research organizations dedicated to the cause of environmental consciousness. Partners include ZEDi, Believe, Turno, XL Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, Skrap.
Speaking about her vision and the objective of a show like Home SOS, Sushma Soma said, “We wanted to ignite a spark within every individual attending a “Home SOS” show, encouraging them to make changes that benefit both themselves and the environment. We envision creating a growing community of sustainability-conscious citizens, fostering change through music and shared values. And our first show at Bangalore, is the beginning of that journey, in India. Through musical tours, we aim to make sustainability a part of everyday conversations across India by speaking the universal language of music.”
The show is designed to start with a simple and lively interaction with children, led by engagement partner, Skrap, followed by the musical. It is carefully curated to engage the audience in a a captivating blend of music interspersed with stories that vividly depict the contrasting facets of our beautiful and sorrowful HOME, Earth. From solo acts to the collective ensemble of musicians standing for inclusivity and diversity, the performance covers a spectrum of emotions, including wonderment, grief, anger, and hypocrisy—capturing humanity’s intricate relationship with the environment. The brainchild of award-winning musician and environmental advocate Sushma Soma, Home SOS aims to unite the voices of brands, sustainability-focused organizations, musicians, citizens, non-profit groups, and storytellers who share a deep concern for the planet.
Ms. Aishwarya Natarajan, Founder of Indianuance, and Producer of HOME SOS, talks about how HOME SOS was born. She says “After the success of our music album ‘Home’, we recognized the need for a dynamic and engaging platform that uses music to convey the impact of individual and collective actions on the environment. We conceptualised HOME SOS to make sustainability relevant to the common person, busting myths about environmental crisis being a distant problem that can be solved at political, or economical scale. We also wanted to convey this message not through workshops or speeches but through the enchanting medium of music. Today, the show has evolved to become an immersive musical experience that is also a powerful, collective call to action and we can’t wait to share this with our audience! Together, we aim to create an impactful experience that inspires individuals and communities to make small behavioural shifts towards sustainability and spread the message across India.”
“HOME SOS: Sounds of Sustainability” is the labour of love of an all women-led team, comprising of Sushma Soma, the very voice of HOME and the lead performer, Aishwarya Natarajan, Founder of Indianuance and Producer of HOME SOS, Amrita Haldipur, The brand strategist and communication expert on the team, and Nanni Singh, the event specialist who has been instrumental in creating an event out of the concept of “HOME SOS”! The team cordially invites everyone to join this musical journey, reflect on their connection with the planet, and collectively envision a sustainable future. The event promises an evening of inspiration, introspection, and the power of music to drive positive change.

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