With public support, VBP will transform the political landscape of Madhya Pradesh: Dr. Varadmurthy Mishra


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Planning to make ‘Har Ghar Kam Yojna’ a success

Bhopal 10/01/2023: 2023 is going to be a critical year of high stake political battles in Madhya Pradesh. The assembly elections to be held in November-December are bringing many new issues and challenges for major parties like BJP and Congress. Regional and small parties are constantly emerging in the state, ready to give the opposition good competition in the form of a third party. Along with the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samajwadi Party, the Vastavik Bharat Party, formed by former IAS officer Dr. Varadmurthy Mishra, is also preparing to make its mark in the state’s political battle, which is set to take place at the end of the year. Dr. Varadamurthy Mishra, who entered politics with administrative experience of more than 6 years, has already announced the party candidates for all 230 seats.
VBP founder and president Dr. Varadamurthy Mishra, a 1996 batch Deputy Collector of the State Administrative Service, said, “Since the formation of Madhya Pradesh in 1956, only two political parties have got the opportunity to serve the state. Many works have also been done for the progress and development of the state in the past years, but now is the time for a change. Now is the time to give freedom to new thoughts and youthful enthusiasm to experience groundwork, which, along with innovation, can make the state strong in areas like education, health care, employment, and women empowerment. To strengthen in areas like education, health care, employment, and women empowerment. We have planned to deliver work to every household. In VBP, we are associated with public service with experts in politics, law, media, technology, governance, administration, or socio-economic matters, so that various sectors and sections of the society get the opportunity to serve alongside the right candidate.”
With the image of an officer working among the public, Dr. Varadamurthy Mishra has started forming teams in different districts. The party is keen on teaming up with highly qualified, respected individuals at all levels. The party leadership claims that the Vastavik Bharat Party will play a critical role in the government formation of Madhya Pradesh. The debt on the government is continuously increasing in the state, unemployed educated youths are harassed for not getting proper employment and government hospitals worth crores are being built in the state but more than half of the medical staff and doctor positions are vacant. Along with many such issues, the party is engaged in the exercise of presenting its candidates on all the seats in the state. VBP took a resolution to change the system in 2022, and the overwhelming support it received from the public has made this resolution even stronger. The party is of the view that 2023 stands to be a year of transformation and the citizens of the state are determined to effect this change.

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