BJP threatens national unity by challenging importance of regional languages : Bibi Rajwinder Kaur Raju


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• To make Hindi only contact language is “Forced federalism”: Mahila Kisan Union

• Says, Hindi had never been national language of country

Chandigarh  : Mahila Kisan Union President Bibi Rajwinder Kaur Raju slammed the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party for undermining the importance of regional languages and said the saffron party is trying to enforce “Hindi imperialism” in multilingual, diverse and multi-ethnic country by implementing its strategic “cultural, religious and linguistic terrorism” agenda against regional languages in order to establish the dominance of Sanskrit and Hindi language, which would be extremely dangerous for the national unity and federalism of union of states.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, President of Mahila Kisan Union Bibi Rajwinder Kaur Raju reacted strongly to the proposal of Union Home Minister Amit Shah during the 37th meeting of the State Language Parliamentary Committee for imposition of Hindi language upon non-Hindi speaking states and said Hindi was never the national language of the country and nor would be accepted by the federal states. “This proposition is contrary to the basic spirit of the Constitution in a diverse country because Hindi as a national language and contact lingo could never be imposed on the democratic people”, she pointed out.

Contrary to the arguments of the top BJP leader in favor of speaking Hindi as the national language and medium of communication in front of lawmakers’ committee, the woman farmer leader Bibi Raju alleged that by toeing a policy of saffron religious agenda the Union Minister had also betrayed her mother tongue Gujarati while doing so. She clarified that Punjabi people are not against Hindi language but imposition of Hindi and Sanskrit on non-Hindi people by right winger rulers is a sign of “forced federalism” instead of “cooperative federalism”, adding she alleged that BJP was creating divisions through mutual mistrust in a sheer dishonest political ploys among the people.

Bibi Raju added that the regional languages of the country have their own richness and historical importance which in the past had encouraged to usher great revolutionary changes in India through their ancient literature, history and religious texts. Therefore, in a federal state formed out of union of states, the importance of regional languages in India couldn’t be underestimated in this democratic nation, she highlighted.

The women leader has appealed to all the states and conscientious people attached to their mother tongue to unitedly oppose the centralised, repressive party politics and anti-democratic political hypocrisy of the right-winger saffron outfit which was hell bent to enforce “one nation, one language, one religion” in the country.

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