Shammi Rana, Secretary General of the International Council of Traditional Sports and Games, Meets U.S. Representative Mike Levin to Secure Support for UNESCO Project on safeguarding Traditional Sports and Games


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In a heartwarming effort to preserve and celebrate traditional sports and games around the world, Shammi Rana, the Secretary General of the International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG), recently met with the dedicated U.S. Representative Mike Levin at the Los Angeles, California. Mr. Levin, known for his commitment to important causes and his constituents in California’s 49th congressional district, warmly welcomed the endeavor.

The meeting brought together two passionate advocates of cultural heritage preservation through traditional sports and games: Advocate Sartaj Singh Sekhon, a valued member of the ICTSG Advisory Committee, and Vansh Rana, an influential advisor to the ICTSG Youth Committee. Dr. Asif Mahmood, a prominent leader in the Democratic Party of Los Angeles, facilitated the gathering, adding his support to the cause.

The heart of the meeting revolved around securing support from the United States for an ambitious UNESCO project dedicated to safeguarding and promoting traditional sports and games worldwide. Shammi Rana, a true pioneer in the preservation of these cherished traditions emphasized the profound importance of cultural activities in shaping identity, fostering unity, and preserving heritage for future generations.

Mr. Rana’s opening words set the tone for a heartfelt discussion. “In the delicate tapestry of our human heritage, traditional sports represent the threads of our past, interwoven with the aspirations of our future,” he passionately expressed, highlighting the significance of these cultural treasures.

During the meeting, Secretary General Rana underscored the essential role of the UNESCO project in raising awareness about traditional sports and games’ importance. He stressed the need for collective efforts to protect these invaluable intangible assets from fading away amidst the challenges posed by modernization and globalization.

Advocate Sartaj Singh Sekhon, renowned for his expertise in cultural heritage laws, provided valuable insights. His recommendations revolved around fostering international partnerships for information exchange and empowering local communities actively involved in preserving traditional sports and games through capacity-building programs.

Vansh Rana, as the youth committee advisor at ICTSG, brought a fresh and dynamic perspective. He emphasized the importance of engaging the younger generation as active participants in preserving these cherished traditions. “Empowering the youth as torchbearers of our cultural heritage will invigorate our cultural landscape and kindle a shared sense of identity,” Mr. Rana passionately stated, inspiring those in attendance.

Representative Mike Levin acknowledged the significance of the cause and wholeheartedly pledged his support to the UNESCO project. He commended the dedication of ICTSG to preserving diverse cultural expressions through traditional sports and games. Levin assured Shammi Rana, Advocate Sartaj Singh Sekhon, and Vansh Rana of his commitment to advocate for the cause at the highest levels of government and international organizations.

The meeting also witnessed the presence of several other prominent figures, including Mr. Javaid Akhtar, a respected businessman known for his contributions to the tire industry through Tire Gem, and Maqsood Ahmad, the distinguished entrepreneur behind Wheel Mart. Sumeet Chadha, a renowned financial advisor representing the World Financial Group, and Sunny Randhir Singh, a prominent figure in sports and cultural preservation, were also present, showing their unwavering support for the UNESCO project.

Shammi Rana expressed gratitude and admiration for the Biden administration’s decision to rejoin and support UNESCO, highlighting the significance of international collaboration in preserving the world’s cultural heritage. He commended the renewed commitment to protecting cultural diversity and fostering mutual understanding on a global scale.

As the meeting concluded on a positive note, all attendees expressed optimism about the success of the UNESCO project and the continued growth of traditional sports and games worldwide. The event marked a significant step forward in the mission to safeguard and celebrate the richness of cultural expressions inherent in traditional sports and games.

With the collaboration between ICTSG and the United States gaining momentum, the world eagerly anticipates the positive impact this alliance will have on the preservation and promotion of traditional sports and games for generations to come. Together, they embark on a journey to uphold the tapestry of our shared cultural heritage, ensuring its vibrant colors remain for the delight of future generations.

About the International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG): The ICTSG is a prominent organization dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and recognition of traditional sports and games from various cultures. With a mission to safeguard these intangible cultural heritages, the council works closely with governments, NGOs, and international bodies to ensure the continuity of traditional sports for future generations.

About UNESCO: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is committed to protecting and preserving cultural heritage, promoting education, and fostering international collaboration to build peace through cultural exchange.

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